Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've Got A New Toy - March 7th

I got a new toy today - a Canon Power Shot. Slim enough to carry around anywhere in my pocket! I love it. I had gotten a camera for Valentines day, a hot pink fuji. I ended up returning that one because I didn't like the pics I got from it. Loved, loved the color, but not the pics. I held off buying another camera, because I was looking for another pink one. I know this one isn't pink, but, I didn't like the faded looking pink canon, so opted for this pretty blue one. When I was looking for cameras around Valentines day, I noticed that the pink ones were more expensive than the other colored ones. The sales clerk told me that the pink ones went up in price a week before valentines and wouldn't come back down for a few weeks!


  1. I have your camera's little (silver) brother! Mine is a SD750, 7.1 megapixels. I really like how small & light it is! It doesn't take the best sports shots but, maybe that's me?

  2. I am a camera nut, so I have several. We are big Cannon fans here at my house. My really small, slim camera is a casio. I use it for still shots, like craft photos or to keep in my purse, just in case.

  3. Thanks to your recommendation, I bought a camera like yours yesterday. My first digital ever. I can't wait to use it.