Friday, March 13, 2009

Woods behind my Home - March 10th (Subsitute photographer)

My youngest DS took these pictures of our back yard after the snow melted. The trees look so skeleton like without their leaves. When spring comes, each of these hundreds of branches will be covered with leaves and you can't see two feet into the woods. I love these pictures he took.
If you look really carefully, you might see a plane!

From 13" of Snow to This! - March 9th

My youngest DS had a field trip to the beach today. Yup, you read right. A Beach. The weather was a gorgeous 72 deg. A few days ago, we had 13' of snow and today we're at the beach. A bit windy, but stunning nevertheless. It wasn't just a beach trip. Nope, it was a learning trip! We learned why we shouldn't go into the water even though the air temp is warm. Also, we learned about animal habitats, and why birds migrate. It was actually really really cool. I chaperoned my son and two of his classmates. P.S., this pic is taken with my new camera!

Turkey Buzzard! - March 8th

I saw him sitting on one of my trees today. He sat and sat and sat on the tree, so I figured why not try and take a pic of him. Wouldn't you know it. Just as I took his picture, he started to fly away. I don't much care for him just sitting there, but my gosh, as he flew away very very slowly, he was quite graceful. And what a wing span. He was actually quite beautiful. On a field trip my kid took, I found out that vultures are the only ones when they fly, their wings shape up like a "V".

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've Got A New Toy - March 7th

I got a new toy today - a Canon Power Shot. Slim enough to carry around anywhere in my pocket! I love it. I had gotten a camera for Valentines day, a hot pink fuji. I ended up returning that one because I didn't like the pics I got from it. Loved, loved the color, but not the pics. I held off buying another camera, because I was looking for another pink one. I know this one isn't pink, but, I didn't like the faded looking pink canon, so opted for this pretty blue one. When I was looking for cameras around Valentines day, I noticed that the pink ones were more expensive than the other colored ones. The sales clerk told me that the pink ones went up in price a week before valentines and wouldn't come back down for a few weeks!

All's Quite - March 6th

It's a very warm 65 degs. today and all the snow is melting. There are some amazing icicles being formed all along the rooftop and here's one that fell. Ouch. Wouldn't want to be anywhere close to these when they fall. Also, everyone's back to school and DH is at work. It's quite in the house again. I remember when the kids went back to school after summer, how I hated the quite. Now, I look forward to it! Even though, it's only Friday and tomorrow, they'll all be back, it's nice to be able to think of a thought without interruptions! lol

Back to School - March 4th

There's my oldest going back to school after being home for all that snow. He's hard to see, but he's all covered up and bundled up like he's in the coldest north! But this one will wear a hoodie in 90 deg. weather!!!

And you ask where is the younger one, well, here he is. Sick and at home. Nasty cough and cold. Ahh, the joys of winter!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Schools OUT - March 3rd

No School Today! Woo Hoo!! The kids had a great day snow fighting and just playing outside today. The cars got a little cleaner, the driveway got a little shoveled and I got a few shots. A fun day for everyone. Oh, and DH went in to work a little late!
All that snow, and this is the snowman I got!! lol

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winter Wonderland!! - March 2nd

We woke up today to a stunning landscape. A true Winter Wonderland!! The weatherman was wrong. We were predicted to get between 6" - 12". We actually got 13". WOWZA. The most in our area. It's Sunday and so everyone is home and able to enjoy this gorgeous last hurrah from winter. This is a look from my backyard.

My youngest DS and I took a walk outside and this is what we saw in our front yard. I can't even begin to put into words how stunning it is. Totally awe inspiring.

My DS and I took a walk down the road and then back home. The road was a bit better since people had driven down it, but our own driveway was full of snow and breath taking! I know I keep saying that, but it's true. Every turn of the head brought so much beauty, I just stood still...till my hands litterally were freezing and I was afraid I'd drop the camera.

Here Comes the Snow - March 1st

Here comes the snow. This is at 5:30 p.m. It's snowing big fat flakes from the get go and is sticking to the ground. Checking the weather channel shows that we're definitely getting at least 6" and more than likely about 10".

This is at 11:30 pm, and we've got 8" on the ground!!!! WOW. It is stunning outside and I'm so glad my whole family is safe at home. There are about 12,000 people without power, but we're one of the lucky families whose got full power. A friend of my husband's is on his way back home. A two hour trip so far has taken him six hours and he's still not home!

Anticipating Rain - February 28th

Weather man says we'll get between 6" - 12" of snow tomorrow. Yeah. I believe that! How often have they actually been right! I didn't buy anything extra for snow prep this time. I went grocery shopping a couple of days ago, so we're totally stocked up, so I'm not worried. It did rain all day today. Very cold rain too. So, if it does snow tomorrow, it will stick!
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Catching Up! - February 27th

This is how I feel at the moment!!! Lol. It's tough to work on today's pics when I'm still catching up on February's pics. Most of the household was sick in February and then when we did feel better, there was so much household work to finish. I just wasn't in a frame of mind to get online. I kept meaning to, but I guess I'm going to have to admit it, I procrastinated. Now look where I am. A month behind!! Ouch. So, here's my game plan. I'm going to post my March pictures (at least stay current). Along with March, I'll pepper February's pictures. That way, I'll stay current and catch up! So, no more procastinating.
Stamp Saying is by: Morning Star Stamps

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mall Cops - Day 38

My youngest DS and I went to go see Mall Cop. He'd seen enough commercials of it on Nickolodean and wanted to see it. No one else wanted to go, so he and I went in the afternoon. As you can see, the afternoon ticket price was excellent. We saw the movie for $8.00. But, the concession cost us $19.00!! That's for a nachos and soda for me, and a kids tray (popcorn, candy and drink) for him. Ouch! Highway robbers were at least honest about looting you of your dough!!! P.s., the movie was actually not so bad. Had some funny parts for me. And my DS loved it.

Ailing Truck - Day 37

Yesterday was DH's checkup, today is the trucks. It's having alignment and battery issues! Won't start up and when it does, it won't go straight. Hmm, if it was human, I'd say it was a bit drunk!! So, today we took it to a local shop and when we got it back this afternoon, it was all charged up and driving right between the lines. A few days ago, we had to get it's door fixed. It was falling off its hinges!! Still, the truck is pretty good for it's age (12) and a good workhorse too. P.S., the pic is of one of our fall days.

Doodled Bookmark - Day 36

Another Doctor's visit, and another doodling. This time a bookmark. Everyone is still under the weather, but hopefully, getting better. This is a routine checkup for my DH and I've gone to keep him company. P.s., everything came out pretty good, except for cholestrol.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Black Birds - Day 35

Finally, a beautifully sunny day. Except there was tons of shadows flying around in the sky. Looked like well over a hundred black birds were everywhere. They didn't sit still for any length of time, but while they were there, it was a sight worth watching!

Traffic! - Day 34

Traffic as far as the eye can see on both sides of the road! I'm so glad I'm nearly home. There never seemed to be any traffic when we moved here, but like most areas, with the growth of the past few years, it seems there are more cars, less patient drivers and lots more accidents. I was actually ticked at this because I'm in the left lane ready to make a left and the oncoming traffic has blocked the intersection!! Not like blocking the intersection is going to get them wherever they're going faster!

Woody Wood Pecker - Day 33

Finally got a pic of that camera shy Woody Wood Pecker! Or maybe I never get a shot of him because the squirrels eat all the bird food before the birds get to it!!

Superbowl Feast - Day 32

Today is Superbowl Sunday. It's just the four of us, but everyone was in a party kind of mood. O.k, maybe it was just my husband and youngest DS!!! The older DS got in the mood when he saw the vegetable platter and the pizza. Not much of a football fan, that one! I cut up some veggies and fruits and ordered pizza. Easy Peasy! Pizza places in our area were asking that we place orders at least 2-3 hours in advance. It was a lot of fun to eat and to watch the game together. P.S., my husband was rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers and they won! Woo Hoo. So, I guess that means that this superbowl party is going to be a tradition for us..