Monday, February 9, 2009

Snow Covered Daffodil

A while ago, I posted a picture of this very same daffodil. I was wondering if it was spring already because this lone daffodil had raised its head above the mulched ground. Today, it looks a bit more in season covered in a thin layer of snow. But, instead of being a lone daffodil, it has lots of company. I wonder if the others popped their heads up too, so it wouldn't be so lonely.

More Strep and more Snow

Is that an odd title or what. But, a true one. I took my youngest in today for a strep test (as his older brother tested positive yesterday). Yup, he ended up having it too. So now he's on antibiotics too. Oh, and here's the best part of this deal. My hubby's been complaining of sore throat too, but didn't want to go to the doc to check it out. The pediatrician recommended that both of us do a regime of antibiotics too. So, we called our doc., and of course, he agreed. So now all the adults and the kids are on antibiotics. Hmm....great family bonding, huh? No one misses their dose because at least one of us remembers and reminds the other. Yup, we're guzzling pills together and on schedule!
Now for the bit of snow we got. Can you spot that squirrel. Mother nature is wonderful in its camoflauge abilities. His coloring sure match the tree. He froze when I got my camera out. Wonder what he was thinking! He stayed like a statute for a very long time, even after I got my pic.

My survival kit While I Wait

It seems lately I've been doing a lot of waiting. Mostly, at the doctor's. Today, I took my oldest to the doc. He'd been complaining of sore throat, headache, and now ear pain. I figured sinus and thinking it most likely had progressed to an ear infection. The waiting room at my pediatrician is always full and the wait is extremely long. So, to fill my time, I made myself a new survival kit. An ipod loaded with my favorite songs (one's I can sing with, off key, of course!) I love to doodle, and here's a few samples of what I doodled. Anyway, once we got in to see the doc and he checked things out, this is what we found. But guess what. Clear lungs, clear ears, and visabily clear throat. So, the doc did a throat swab. Guess again, yup, it popped up positive for strep! No connection to the ear ache I originally took him in for. So, he is now on a 10 day antibiotic regime. Oh, and here's the kicker, as the youngest was complaining about sore throat too, I'm bringing him in tomorrow and doing this waiting all over again!!